We're the dream of every creative director in the fashion industry

Market disruption

Hans Boodt Mannequins is living proof that 3D printing can have a disruptive effect on markets. Over the past two years, this mannequin-maker has been secretly applying innovations to its craft. What started as a clever way to save on design costs ended up revolutionising the way the market operates. From customer request to design process to end result: shop windows across the world will never be the same.

Expensive perfection

Few people realise that every mannequin started out as a work of art. The anatomical perfection of a mannequin is sculpted from clay by hand. “Designing a single figure out of clay is very expensive, and that was the same for every player in the market,” explains Coen Viguurs, Product Development Manager at Hans Boodt.

supporting role for Tractus3D

Hans Boodt started experimenting with 3D printing in 2015. “It was all trial and error. We’re glad we were able to get a head start, because I think we really have something wonderful to contribute to the market.” Viguurs was the driving force behind the innovation. From the very start of his adventure, Tractus3D was his partner on the journey. “Without Tractus3D, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

impact on an old craft

“The cost savings are just unbelievable: the prototype costs have been cut by 50%. The production time for a single design has dropped from 10 weeks to 5 days.” Viguurs gives a quick overview of the savings. They’re impressive, but not nearly as significant as the changes they have caused. “From now on, it’s going to be completely normal for fashion labels to design their own mannequins to match their clothing lines, their branding and the look they’re aiming for. Thanks to 3D printing, we’ve become the wet dream of every creative director for a fashion label.”

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