Cartesian VS Delta

In the FDM 3D printing world, we differentiate Cartesian and Delta systems. In this article, we take a look at the difference between the two. 


Announcement new Tractus3D models

Our T650, T850, T1250 and T650P 3D printers are better than ever before. With a new design, a larger build volume and a higher speed, they will make the 3D printing process for your company even smoother.


The 3D printer that lasts

Tractus3D makes 3D printers that can withstand the many innovations in the 3D printing industry over the years. Make your company future proof now with your very own Tractus3D printer!


Innovation at Tractus3D

The 3D printing industry is constantly in flux. You cannot simply stop developing your brand and products, as you will be overrun by the massive competition in the market. That is why Tractus3D is constantly working on improving its products.


PEEK 3D Printing

Everything you need to know about using the highly versatile material PEEK when 3D printing, in which markets it is already beinig used and how we can help you get started with 3D printing PEEK.


Resolution in 3D printing

In this article, we tell you all about 3D printing resolution. You need to know what your 3D printer is capable of to have even the slightest clue of the objects you can build with it. 3D printing isn't one size fits all, it is a delicate procedure. 


ROI example

Of course everybody is interested in the Return Of Investment of a 3D printer. One of our clients, Exalto, was kind enough to give some detailed information.


Update: 3D Fuze racer

At the end of this month the students will be racing the 3D printed racecar on the Silverstone (UK) racetrack.

Industrial 3D printer

A quiet revolution has taken place in prototyping in the last few years, with the advent of widely available and affordable 3D printers. While much attention has been focused on the consumer marketplace, consumer-grade printers are not suitable for large-scale commercial use. They do not have the speed, facilities or robustness critical for industrial applications. As specialists in the 3D printer business, we at Tractus3D understand the specific needs of industry and offer a range of printers which feature outstanding quality, all the features you need, very high resolution and total dependability.

When looking for a 3D printing machine, consider your needs and the size of printer you require. Buying too small a model can prove costly in the future, so think about the features you may need a few years down the line. Look for printers that can be set up and used immediately, since time spent on this is time you could be using to print parts. As always, time is money! A good sign of a high-quality 3D printer is its resolution. Anything over 100 microns (0.1 mm) is likely to be too coarse for industrial use, but the smaller the better. The best commercial printers combine fine resolution with a large print plate at least 20 cm square.


Update Formula Student

Only a few days till the grand unveiling event of the 3D printed Formula Student race car on the 17th of May!


3D at GMTEC Cars

It is known that 3D printing is used in the automotive industry. So it was GMTEC invited Tractus3D for their annual supercar meeting.


Case study: Exalto

Exalto Wipers: "We created a world first, three weeks after purchase of the Tractus3D printer."


Update Formula Student

Zuyd Hogeschool is working hard on the Formula Student project with the Tractus3D T3500 large format printer.


Printing with special materials

Tractus3D printers set new standards for printing size and the use of special materials. Our special series let you even use industrial materials as PEEK, POM, PEI and Ultem.


Profit in rapid prototyping

3D printing is very effictive in gaining time and reducing cost in rapid prototyping. It makes you flexible and independant from outsourcing.


Tractus3D T3500 for Canadian customer

It is always interesting to ship one of our large format 3D printers abroad. In this case we are proud to ship a Tractus3D T3500 of 3.5 meters high to a customer in Toronto.


Flec Nederland exhibiting

Our resellers our actively promoting the Tractus3D printers. Therefore you can meet them at several exhibitions and other events.


Creative students at Hanze Hogeschool

Students of the Hanze Hogeschool in Groningen used a Tractus3D T650 to create a nice piece of art. With the right tools and imagination the possibilities are endless and this is a nice example of it.

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