3Dprint.com interviews our USA reseller


The American website 3Dprint.com interviewed our USA reseller DesignBox3D, which recently started with Tractus3D printers for the industrial customers. They are especially focussed on our large volume and high temperature printers and that immediately took interest from 3dprint.com.
CEO Preet Jesrani explains their strategy and the line up of printers they selected for their customers. Here are a few quotes from the article:

"Desktop 3D printers, which many first imagined might see common use in the homes of the future, are increasingly finding their place in industrial, professional, and educational settings. Use of these small additive manufacturing machines is spreading, seeing use in applications from the classroom to the automotive industry — and they have to get there somehow. Distributors and resellers are an important part of the business of 3D printing, offering not only hardware and materials, but also support and direct relationships with both suppliers and customers. I recently went out to Sandusky, Ohio, which is famed for being the rollercoaster capital of the world — but I was there instead for the tech, as the city is also home to DesignBox3D."

“We decided late last year to turn away from a broader focus, which included turning away some end users, to a message of quality,” Jesrani explained to me. “We’re increasingly focusing on the industrial client, the research client; we’re finding that our refocus — on businesses, on educators, on product designers — has helped.”

"Jesrani is excited about some new models that DesignBox3D began offering as of last month through a new partnership with Netherlands-based Tractus3D." ... He pointed to the character of some of the companies DesignBox3D works with, noting recent examples from both Tractus3D and Ultimaker in going above and beyond for customer service to find solutions. He said of these and similar efforts, “That’s who we want to work with.”

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