Case study: architecture

The Tractus3D large format printers are capable of creating architectural wonders.

In this case we did a project for Woonstad Rotterdam, a housing corporation which provides affordable but comfortable houses and appartments in Rotterdam. Although in World War II the center of Rotterdam was bombed, there are still old buildings left with beautiful ornaments. As you can imagine these old buildings need maintenance and sometimes this ornaments are too damaged by the weather to be saved. The traditional way to replace the ornaments was expensive and costs a lot of time because they were made of stone. Also there is a safety issue when you have to attach this heavy sculptures at the roof of buildings with 4 floors or more with high ceilings. You can imagine the heavy ornaments hanging high above the pavement where people are walking.

Therefore the new ones are printed, which is far more cost efficient, takes less time and since they weigh almost nothing, they are easy to place. A little painting will do the rest to blend in and have a nice beautiful restored building again. Of course we will update this post when the ornaments are attached on the buildings.

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