33 Biggest 3D Printers In The World

The Tractus3D T3500 large format 3D printer can be found in 3D Printer Buyers Guide's list of the 33 biggest 3D Printers In The World.

We are proud to be the number 20 in biggest printvolume with the Tractus3D T3500, keeping in mind that every kind of 3D printer, in every price range, with al kinds of materials and resolutions is in this list. Also not every printer in this list is commercially available.
With a price of 34.500 euros, a resolution of 0.05mm (50 micron) and a speed of 300mm/s, the Tractus3D is an exceptional offer for high end FDM 3D printing. The max top even reaches 210cm and it is possible to use all kinds of materials like ABS, PLA, but also for example special materials as NinjaFlex and Pro1, among others. So when you are interested in a big high end FDM 3D printer with high volume, speed and resolution, Tractus3D is the top of their league.

Several clients all over the world prove the quality and robustness of the printers, using them 24/7. Want to know more about our productline? You can find more information here, or just contact us by telephone or email.

33 Biggest 3D Printers In The World (not sorted)


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