Cost reduction with SLA

Tractus3D is the only 3D printer manufacturer with SLA program. With the Service Level Agreement on your Tractus3D printer you have several benefits in discounts on filament, upgrades and sustainability.

The SLA covers:
-Upgradability; customers with SLA can always upgrade the printer to the latest version because of the modular structure. With the SLA you have a 50% discount on parts. Therefore you do not have the biggest annoyance in the IT world: knowing you always buy “the very soon old model”. 
-Sustainability and reliability; the SLA is a solution for another known annoyance in 3D printing: dirty printhead because of residu. Normally it costs a lot of time cleaning the printhead and you can't print until it is done. Within the SLA you have an extra printhead for free, which you can simply change because of the magnetic mounting. After changing the printhead you continue printing and in the mean time you send the dirty printhead to Tractus3D for free cleaning (excludes postal costs). No time lost and no frustration in waiting.
-20% cost reduction; the SLA entitles you of a 20% discount on all filament ordered with Tractus3D.

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