Industrial 3D printer

Why your business could benefit from a Tractus3D industrial printer

A quiet revolution has taken place in prototyping in the last few years, with the advent of widely available and affordable 3D printers. While much attention has been focused on the consumer marketplace, consumer-grade printers are not suitable for large-scale commercial use. They do not have the speed, facilities or robustness critical for industrial applications. As specialists in the 3D printer business, we at Tractus3D understand the specific needs of industry and offer a range of printers which feature outstanding quality, all the features you need, very high resolution and total dependability.

When looking for a 3D printing machine, consider your needs and the size of printer you require. Buying too small a model can prove costly in the future, so think about the features you may need a few years down the line. Look for printers that can be set up and used immediately, since time spent on this is time you could be using to print parts. As always, time is money! A good sign of a high-quality 3D printer is its resolution. Anything over 100 microns (0.1 mm) is likely to be too coarse for industrial use, but the smaller the better. The best commercial printers combine fine resolution with a large print plate at least 20 cm square.

Industry-leading features from Tractus3D printers

  • Lightning fast 300 mm/second print speed

  • Print volumes from 20 x 20 cm up to 100 x 210 cm

  • Resolution as fine as 10 microns (0.01mm)

  • Prices starting at just €1,499 + VAT

  • Service Level Agreements including premium support, printhead cleaning and upgrade cover


Tractus3D's commitment to our 3D printer business customers

All our printers feature Tractus3D's renowned Ready-To-Print technology. There is no need to waste time on complex installation routines; simply plug in your professional 3D printer and go. We provide clear, simple to follow instructions to make sure you're up and running as quickly as possible. A set of standard profiles is supplied with each model, so you can start printing as soon as your machine is switched on. Buy a large 3D printing machine from us and you'll also get the benefit of our modular design philosophy. We believe that every printer should be kept up to date with evolving technology, so we ensure that they support Dual Extrusion, allowing you to maintain continuous printing as each filament can be called upon on demand. Tractus3D printers also support WiFi, making it even easier to operate your professional 3D printer.

At Tractus3D, we are passionate about our 3D printers, but we're also passionate about the support and service we offer to our customers. Our expert support engineers are always on standby to assist you – whether it's for regular maintenance or printer workshops. The installation and calibration of large 3D printers must be carried out with care, so our engineer will visit you. All you need to make yourself is a cup of coffee! As a Tractus3D customer, you can also benefit from our exclusive 3D software training packages. If you're ready to take your 3D printing capabilities to the next level, we're ready to hear from you. To discuss your industrial 3D printer needs, simply leave your phone number and we'll be in touch inside 24 hours.

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