Innovation at Tractus3D

The 3D printing industry is a highly competitive market. Even when you have one of the best printers on the market at one point, you can never stop improving your products or someone else might strip that title away from you. Being innovative is a must. After all, even the smallest innovations in the 3D printing industry can be beneficial to the overall market.

At Tractus3D, we take innovation very seriously. With heart and passion for the 3D printing industry, we are always trying to improve. We strive for perfection and constantly see new possibilities for our printers. That is why we are currently working on version 2 models for our T650, T850 and T1250 models. Not only does the v2 for each of these models have a larger print volume than its predecessor, while maintaining its current size, it also has many new features.

Version 2 features

The first of these features is an entirely new design, that truly brings out the finesse of the printer. It also happens to make the printers completely closed chamber for better temperature stability. Aside from that, v2 printers are more than twice as fast as their v1 counterparts and they feature extra sensors and functions.

Expect to see v2 very soon. That is as specific as we will get right now, to keep you in suspense. We are also working on a version 2 for our PEEK printer with, once again, a larger print volume, more functions and sensors, higher speed and the new v2 design. In short; lots of innovative improvements to look forward to, so that you can get even better 3D printing results. You can expect to see the second version of our PEEK printer at the end of this year.

SLA upgrades

Our customers with a SLA (Service Level Agreement) will be able to upgrade their printers to the latest version with all new features, even the bigger print volume. The upgrade information will be distributed after the release of the v2 series. With a Tractus3D printer you never have the "very-soon-old-model", but you are always able to use the latest technology.

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