Special materials

Tractus3D printers set new standards for printing size and the use of special materials. With the dual extrusion option, it is even possible to use different colors or different materials in one print.

All Tractus3D printers are capable of printing with all kinds of filament like PLA, ABS, PETG and ASA, but can also use filaments like NinjaFlex or other flexibles, woodfill, copperfill, brassfill, bamboo, carbon, etc., etc. We can provide a complete list of filament materials and off course we were not able to try everything yet, so let us know if you need something particular.

In our special series we have the Tractus3D T650P RTP model, which even allows you to use industrial materials as PEEK, POM, PEI and Ultem. This printer is used in severeal branches by well known companies because of the printquality and reliability.

There is only one problem; with the advantages our printers bring, these companies do not want to imform their competitors. Therefore we can not use them as a reference case.
If you want to know what advantages it will bring you in terms of flexibility, cost reduction and saving time, please contact us.

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