Case study: 3D designed folding canoe

With the help of a Tractus3D printer a lightweight canoe and backpack in one was developed: the KanoePack. You can take the KanoePack, and your gear, out for hiking and continue just as easy when you encounter a river or lake. Also, as a backpack it has a convenient size to store in-house or take with you as luggage in the airplane.

Ron Smetsers, Co-founder & Technical Director KanoePack explains:

"We started out as a student project to research the possibilities and develop the idea. We still work together with a lot of students from various disciplines like Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering and Industrial Product Design. Development in the concept phase is well underway with positive results. This means we will soon start the prototype phase where a fully functional prototype will be built.

Although the KanoePack is made from modern fibercomposites, we use our 3D printer almost daily. A development process usually takes a couple of concepts, a few iterations and a lot of design work. Physical models are useful to check the shapes, dimensions and ergonomics. Making such a part is just an overnight print. The versatility of our T850 also makes it possible to print a large range of materials and shapes, which we use to make structural parts or moulds for the composite manufacturing.

We help our students to “design for printing” and try to stimulate them to use the 3D printer to convert their ideas to the physical world. 3D printing has become a valuable part in our engineering adventure. We are excited to see what the future brings, be curious, be creative!"

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