True Colours from 2D to 2.5D and now 3D

True Colours Netherlands is a full service company in Utrecht that offers everything from design to printing, large format signs, digital media and now also 3D printing.

Their customers are very diverse and have very different needs. To keep up with market developments True Colours decided to add a 3D printer to their range of services. They already have experience in 2.5D printing (for example Braille books). So the next step to 3D printing is a logical one. First to gain experience in this still new business, but with the intention to make special products. They feel they can not wait untill everybody embraces this technology, but they want to be trendsetters. Also they will offer 3D solutions for the customers who already have their business cards, marketing materials, etc. to complete their presence.

"After extensive orientation in the market, we wanted a professional solution to get it right immediately and we ended up with Tractus3D as our best option. A professional printer, built by a Dutch company with a very knowledgeable and passionate approach from both sales and technical team. The next couple of months we will experiment and explore our opportunities and the wishes of the customer in the field of 3D printing. But it is a fact that there is a market for this." - Eric van den Broek (CEO True Colours Nederland).


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